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The Ultimate Lower Quarter

Presenter: Tanya Bell-Jenje

This online course introduces the clinician to concepts necessary to evaluate the movement system as a whole, respecting the Biopsychosocial model, aimed at finding the primary source of the problem

6x 2-hour live Zoom session every Monday and Thursday

Cost: R2700

Early Bird: R2250 (Pay before 5 October)

12 CEUs

Time: 16:30-18:30



Part 1: 19 October 2020

  • Understanding muscle classification

  • Core concepts for the Lower Quarter

  • Optimal vs Non-optimal strategies

  • Clinically relevant Anatomy

  • The Diaphragm: Link between back pain & breathing


Part 2: 22 October 2020

  • Clinically relevant Anatomy cont. Application

  • Quick test

  • Dysfunction in the local & global systems


Part 3: 26 October 2020

  • Intrinsic risk factors: Identification & management

  • Recruitment sequences

  • Relative flexibility

  • Dynamic Valgus

  • Effect of a lack of ankle dorsiflexion ROM


Part 4: 29 October 2020

  • Other risk factors (Quinolone’s, hypermobility)

  • Posture assessment

  • Postural types & their predictive power in running injuries


Part 5: 2 November 2020

  • Lumbo-pelvic disassociation

  • The assessment (video demo’s)


Part 6: 5 November 2020

  • Treatment options

  • Case examples

The Lower Quarter is an integrated physiological system both anatomically & biomechanically. Assessment & management of lower quarter pain & dysfunction should respect a multitude of co-relationships for best outcomes.

On this course you will learn:


  • Functional Biomechanics & Clinical Anatomy of the lumbar, pelvis, hip & lower limbs are taught, with an immediate clinical application. Understand anatomy & its clinical relevance to movement function & dysfunction.

  • To identify abnormal movement patterns, muscle imbalances & local ‘core’ inhibition and interpret their clinical relevance.

  • Understand lumbo-pelvic & femero-pelvic control, timing & recruitment.

  • Identify risk factors for persistent injuries of the Lower Quarter.

  • Assess the Lower Quarter in detail with an innovative, quick but comprehensive assessment protocol.

  • Clinical Reasoning. Acquire skills for predictive reasoning. Learn to prioritize management.

  • To develop individual-specific treatment & rehabilitation strategies that are evidence-based.

  • Best exercises for best outcomes:  targeted motor control, open & closed chain, stabilisation, progressive functional exercises etc.

  • Learn how to progress rehabilitation beyond the clinical setting to restore the patient to their ‘pre-injury’ condition

This course is suited for the therapist involved in the treatment of patients with acute, unresolved or persistent pain or dysfunction of Lower quarter origin. Skills taught on this course can be applied equally to the sporty (recreational & elite) as well as the inactive patient, from young children to the elderly.


A revision of the anatomy of the lumbar spine & pelvic girdle is strongly recommended prior to attending this course.

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