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In this course, you will not only learn the essential theory on paediatric bladder and bowel dysfunction but also how to apply this into clinical practice.

This course is practical and packed with clinical reasoning case studies and tasks. 

Education for Professionals

Are you a Physiotherapist wanting to upskill yourself? Our online courses and webinars are delivered by clinical experts aimed 

Education for Individuals

Education is not only for the profesisnasl. As an individual it is important to learn more about your or or child condition or problems.

Our  courses for individuals are delivered by clinical experts but in an easy to understand format for the general public

Physio for Men

Men's pelvic health physiotherapy is an emerging field in physiotherapy. Men have pelvic floors too and have been neglected in the pelvic rehabilitation field. unresolved pain in the groin, hip or back often have a pelvic floor muscle component that needs to be addressed. Physiotherapy can help men with incontinence and sexual dysfunction after Prostate Cancer

Physio for Women

Women's pelvic health includes helping ladies with problems such as incontinence, pelvic pain, painful sex and constipation. We also provide a much needed post-natal checkup for moms that have given birth naturally or by caesar. 

Women often put themselves last when it comes to dealing with personal pelvic issues. You deserve to look after yourself!

Physio for Children

Paediatric pelvic health​ involves the management of bed-wetting, daytime accidents and constipation in children. 1 in 5 children are constipated (yes you heard that right). Constipation can cause a myriad of problems and should be managed quickly. Paediatric pelvic physiotherapy does not involve any invasive procedures and we can help give your child the absolute gift of a healthy bladder and bowel.

The Pelvic PTs

Mandy Roscher

Our Approach

  • Pelvic Health Physiotherapy in Men, Women, Children and Sports is a field of Physiotherapy that requires in-depth post-graduate training.

  • Our appointments are 1 hour in length in a very private and calm setting.

  • We provide a detailed, holistic assessment that aims to identify the root cause of your problem.

  • We aim for our treatments to be in line with current research and evidence.  

  • Our modern approach may include Real-time Ultrasound to assess your pelvic floor.

About Us

Pierre Röscher and Mandy Röscher are Physiotherapists based in Westville who have both done post-graduate training in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation in Men and Women. 

They make a dynamic team as Pierre treats Men, and Mandy treats Women, Men and Children. 

They have an extensive background in general musculoskeletal therapy which has given them essential clinical reasoning skills to help manage difficult cases. 

Pierre Roscher

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